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Japanese Hyottoko Mask

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Japanese Hyottoko Mask

Hyottoko (火男) is a comical Japanese character, portrayed through the use of a mask. His mouth is puckered and skewed to one side. Some masks have different eye sizes between the left and right eyes. He is often wearing a scarf around his head (usually white with blue dots). There is a similar character for women called Okame (阿亀) or Otafuku (阿多福).

A 19th century carved nut, depicting the mask of Hyottoko

The origin of the name comes from "fire" (, hi) and "man" (, otoko), because the character is blowing fire with a bamboo pipe, hence the shape of the mouth. Local dialects transformed it into Hyottoko (ひょっとこ), palatalizing hio to hyo and making the /t/ geminate.

Material: Metal

Please see pictures for sizing. (We use a tennis ball for customers to gauge the size of the items.)

Please note that all the masks listed are old and have been used by Japanese people. This gives the items various weathering and imperfections. They are not perfect. You can see the quality of the items in the photos.

You will receive the mask in the photo.

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